How do you look for something when you don't know what you want?

If you know what kind of car you want, it is quite straightforward to go out and search on any of the car marketplaces online. But if you don’t know what you want, it’s going to be a whole different story. In this scenario, we knew that improving the UX wouldn’t be enough to help. We needed to dig deep into the lives of our customer and find a way we could help them understand what they want first. And that’s what we did.

About AutoTrack

Autotrack is an online car marketplace in The Netherlands, part of Automotive MediaVentions. A combination of three strong brands, listing hundreds of thousands of vehicles from thousands of dealers and private sellers, making it one of the biggest platforms in the market.

The team

  • Stephanus Van Vuuren, Product Manager
  • Randy Shimanski, Product Owner
  • Cynthia Blaazer, Marketing Manager
  • Hannah Steenstra, Growth Hacker
  • Ben Udink ten Cate, Development Manager
  • Saskia Klok, UX Researcher Valsplat
  • Gina Henselmans, UX Researcher Valsplat

My role

As a Product Designer, I directed the entire design process from brief to research.

  • I hosted a design workshop and helped to come up with solutions.
  • I designed and created the prototypes for testing.
  • I prepared the research plan and briefed the UX Research agency.

The Design process


While studying the search behaviour of their customers, AutoTrack found that there was a large group having a hard time knowing where to start.


When we analysed this behaviour, we agreed that helping the customer to know what car they want would take away their biggest barrier to start their journey.


I hosted a design session with different stakeholders, where we came up with ideas for possible solutions.


We tested the solutions during interviews with six customers who had difficulties starting their search journey.

Get the full case description

This product hasn’t launched yet. That’s why I need to keep an eye on where the case description ends up. Please leave me your name and e-mail, and I will be glad to share with you, how we gained customer insights, what ideas the team came up with, how we made en tested the prototypes and what solution we found promising enough for further development.