Hi, I'm Demmy, a Product designer from Amsterdam. I use behavioural data and insights to create better products and services.

How I can help

UX Design

Turn your visitors into returning customers by helping them fulfil their task faster and easier.

UI Design

Reduce barriers between you and your customer by designing a simple and elegant interface.

User Research

Align your product with your customer’s needs by mapping behaviour insights and finding opportunities for you to focus on.


Minimise the risk of failure by creating and testing realistic prototypes.

Design Workshops

Get the most out of your company’s teams by hosting design sprints and workshops.

Design System

Help your customers quickly adopt new features by creating and maintaining a consistent design pattern.

View my portfolio

Some of the products in my portfolio haven’t launched yet. That’s why I need to keep an eye on where they end up.
Please get in touch and I will be glad to share with you, how I gain customer insights, how I help teams come up with ideas, how I design and test prototypes.

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